Water access in terms of piping and water storage, purification training, and support currently exist in Tanzania, NE India, and Nepal. We help access water by digging wells, piping, and providing water storage. We work with the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology in Canada, the Small Industry Development Organization in Tanzania, the Government of Mizoram, India, ENPHO in Nepal and locate villages and groups in Nepal and Tanzania to provide education and train people to pipe, dig wells, and to build and maintain biosand water filters.

Development of expertise in each country provides opportunity to supply needed  help to obtain clean water. Filters are inexpensive, purify water 97% to 99% and last 50 years. Our role is to bring the training program to those who want it so they can begin production, train others, and provide clean water.

Currently, we are waiting to complete Darkha, Nepal piping before returning to Lungleng village in Mizoram, India.


HRC Inc. provides reading glasses to Kairuki Hospital, Tanzania, Nepal, and Mizoram, India as we are able. Glasses are donated by ophthalmologists who collect from their patients. New reading glasses are donated to HRC Inc. by Select-A-Vision in the USA. This program makes a real difference to many who would not experience improved vision without our help.

Dental Care

Dental equipment is provided to Kairuki Hospital, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania as required. We search out and acquire equipment as requested. 

Medical Equipment

We provide medical equipment such as stainless steel speculum and small surgical equipment as we are able to acquire it. Through this program we are also able to provide graduating medical students with stethoscopes, otoscopes, and penlights to begin their medical career.

Safe Motherhood Mobile Clinics

Gifts to these programs provide funding to support these and waiting initiatives.