Education Support & Scholarship Program

This program helps students in Tanzania remain in school on an ongoing basis when they would otherwise be forced to drop out. Tanzanian university medical students must be able to pay lodging and tuition fees not covered by the government loan to remain in school. We support medical students to remain in school at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. When students graduate, others are chosen by the school according to urgency and abilities.


To date as a result of this program 40 medical students became doctors. They all practice medicine in Tanzania.

Families traditionally support boys to remain in school in Nepal. HRC Inc.supports young women. Two young women were supported by HRC Inc. to acquire medical skills in order to run a primary health centre in Nepal

In other education, promising students who are unable to pay government exam fees are supported as requested. 

Donations to this program assist students to remain in school.

Happiness Mchomvu Medical Education Grant

Happiness was my dear friend. She left us too soon in May 2021. Her action saved my life.

I stood in Happy’s Dar es Salaam kitchen June, 2007, and noted I was hot, achy, nauseated, and had a headache. I believed I felt the way I did due to the 34 hour trip and 11 hour time change. It happened every time I was overtired or stressed the last seven years.

Happy refused to accept my explanation. She thought we both had malaria as she felt like I did; she insisted we both get tested. Happy’s malaria was less severe than mine. She worked throughout her treatment. I went to bed. We both recovered.

Happy helped me when the Western medical community repeatedly said I was fine. They missed the one test I required. Pushing me to get that test made it possible to regain my health and for HRC to continue its work. This is the reason Health Reach Canada Medical Education Grants, provided to needy medical students, now honour the memory of Happiness Mchomvu.

Granny Rose Hurov Education Grant 

Granny Rose (nee Friedman) Hurov at 100.

Granny Rose was a wise woman and matriarch. She believed in the power of education to improve people’s lives. In her memory, a grant is given to up to four people who have applied to a specific program for educational upgrading. The grant supports students from different countries accepted to medical diploma programs leading to eligibility for licensure. 

Up to four grants of $500 are award annually. To access HRC Inc. application, please click HERE


Health Education 



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